Davis Cookie Collection, LLC
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About us

Davis Cookie Collection launched in May of 2014. The business idea started when owner Christina Davis utilized baking as an outlet during stressful times in graduate school. Christina had a passion for baking, as she learned how to make delicious handmade dessert at an early age. Christina’s family once owned a restaurant in downtown Cincinnati which specializes in delicious food and desserts from scratch. Artists such as BB King, Aretha Franklin, Little Richard, and many more performed there. Even though Christina wasn’t born yet, hearing these stories over the years inspired her to become an entrepreneur. Christina and her husband Miles decided to step out on faith and start a business doing something that Christina enjoyed. Davis Cookie Collection has gained a large customer base and currently provide over 15 different types of cookies as well as fudge brownies and muffins handmade without added preservatives or additives. Davis Cookie Collection’s product can now be purchased at Jungle Jim’s (Fairfield location) and Conscious Kitchen (Clifton location). 

Mission Statement

 Davis Cookie Collection LLC provides gourmet desserts, handmade from scratch using a natural process for all ages to enjoy on any occasion!