Davis Cookie Collection, LLC
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About us

   Davis Cookie Collection was established as an LLC in May of 2014. The business idea started when the owner Christina Davis utilized baking as an outlet during stressful times in graduate school and so she baked while listening to her favorite tunes. Christina had a passion for baking but also had a passion for eating healthy, so she decided to bake with ingredients that are better for consumers. Christina and her husband Miles decided to step out on faith and start a business doing something that Christina loved to do. With hard work and a lot of taste testing by Miles, Davis Cookie Collection gained a customer base and currently provide over 15 different types of cookies as well as fudge brownies. With "All Natural" and organic ingredients, it's okay to indulge and not feel completely guilty. 

Mission Statement

   Our mission is to provide a delicious dessert for all types of occasions, parties, meetings, weddings, restaurants, or if you just have a sweet tooth! We also aim to encourage consumers to be mindful of what they eat. We provide dessert for all walks of life and hope to be a blessing to all we encounter as we serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!