Create Your Own Cookie Class September 11th 10am - 12pm

Davis Cookie Collection, LLC

Create Your Own Cookie Class September 11th 10am - 12pm

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This is a (2) hour cookie class for ages 7-12 led by Christina, owner of Davis Cookie Collection. Juniors will be able to create their own cookies by selecting from various toppings such as oreo, sprinkles, chocolate chip, fruity pebbles, cinnamon toast crunch, lucky charms, and many more. Juniors will learn how to properly mix in the ingredients into the dough, scoop the dough, and how to prepare the dough for the oven. Christina will also teach each Junior how to make her very own “Create Your Own”  Ice Cream Sandwiches. This will be a fun and hands-on experience for your child to enjoy!

Junior bakers will receive a customized apron and hat, 24 mini size create your own cookies, and 1 ice cream sandwich to take home. Each Junior will receive a certificate of completion and free lunch (pizza) including a drink. 

All class instructors have been vaccinated, however, kids are free to wear a mask. Social distancing will be enforced. This is a two-hour class, so parents will need to drop off and pick up their child on time. There will be a late fee of $5 per every 10 minutes that a parent is late picking up their child. 

Also, if your child has food allergies, we advise you don’t sign them up for this class. 

By signing your child up, you also agree to allow Davis Cookie Collection to take class photos that will be published online or on social media.